A Collection of The Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Lose Weight

A Comprehensive Collection of The Best Exercises to Lose Weight

A Comprehensive Collection of The Best Exercises to Lose Weight
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While a lot of people tend to turn towards dieting for losing weight, one thing that has proven to be a surefire way of losing body weight is exercise. The equation is pretty simple; you burn the calories stuck to your body and gain a slimmer physique.

However, the real question that comes to mind is since there are so many exercises that one can do, which one is the best exercise to help you lose weight? The answer is ALL of them! Exercise simply burns our calories and allows us to lose the extra weight that we have gained so what you need to do is simply figure out what is the best exercise for healthy weight loss FOR YOU. We are providing a comprehensive list of exercises to help you burn fat and get to your ideal body weight that can help you become truly fit.






It is best to begin with the basics. Walking, for most people is already the best exercise to take of the pounds as it shows consistent and steady results. Brisk walking or waking at a better than moderate pace is also one of the best ways to get into a workout routine when looking for a low-impact workout plan for losing weight loss. There is no equipment required, you have to make minimum exertion on yourself and there is no physical stress either.

How many calories can you burn while walking?

Research conducted by Harvard Health indicates that if a person weighing 185lb walks at 4 miles per hour for half an hour, that can lead to 200 calories burned! Having such a noticeable impact in just 30 minutes of burning calories seems to be very appealing and can be incorporated into your routine easily.


Running & Jogging


For those who are looking to burn a lot more calories than they would through walking, the easiest way to do so is by taking the taking things up a few notches from walking and increase their pace. While jogging and running may seem like interchangeable items as workouts to lost weight, they are actually different by definition.


According to a research conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) jogging and running play a key role in the elimination and prevention of visceral fat in the body. This fat is a major contributor to causing major health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.


This activity is one that is certainly one of the best fat burning exercises and even if you are old and have joint-related issues, you should continue doing it on grass or treadmills. The results of incorporating regular jogging or running can have incredible results and will definitely make your weight loss exercise plan a success!


Weight Training


With New Year being a popular time for people taking on new health challenges, gym workout for beginners to lose weight is a very common choice. If you are one of those people then you can rest assured that a proper weight loss workout plan that involves weight training can have incredible results. Not only do you lose the excess fat but also gain muscular strength and growth. This in turn causes your Resting Metabolism Rate (RMR) to rise. RMR is basically the number of calories your body burns while it is in resting state.


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The most satisfying aspect of weight training in terms of weight loss is still the fact that after every weight training workout that you do, your body continues to burn calories several hours after your session. This is a major benefit that weight training has over aerobic exercises.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


One of the newest types of exercises to surface in the world of weight loss and fitness, HIIT is proving to be one of the most attractive ways to lose fat. It offers a lot more than just some particular best exercise to lose weight. In fact, it is a complete regimen that you follow while spending a minimum amount of time on exercising. It is very popular among people who are too busy during the day to carve time out for a proper exercise session.




HIIT involves several exercises, all of a “highly intense” nature that a person performs with very small recovery “intervals” in between them. The typical timeframe required for such a session is about 10 minutes and in that small period, your body can burn a lot of calories. This whole outcome in such a little time has a lot of attraction and even researches are showing its effects to be real.


One of the benefits of HIIT is that it also causes calories to continue burning hours after you have done the workout by keeping your metabolism rate elevated. It is also associated with helping reduce problems related to blood pressure and elevated heart rate in obese people.





No matter who you are, what age or health group you belong to, or what your exercise preferences are, you must give cycling a try as a weight loss workout. According to Harvard Health, a 185lb person who has a moderate workout on a stationary bicycle for half an hour can end up burning 311 calories! And that is basically the easiest type of cycling that you can do. If you increase the intensity and perhaps go outdoors, the results are incredibly bigger. If you take the same person and they go outdoors and hit a speed of 20+mph, that calorie count shoots up to 733!





Ask any professional athlete or any person with a fit body and they will tell you that swimming is the most wholesome weight loss exercise. The fact is that they are telling the truth and there is no denying it. A person with 185lb weight can easily burn 266 calories in half an hour just with a casual swim. Taking it further can make the loss in calories even faster. Proper butterfly style swimming can cause a person with the same weight and the same amount of time to burn a massive 488 calories!


Swimming is especially good for people with joint-related issues as it has very little impact on your joints and can, therefore, be a great option to lose weight in old age as well. In addition to that, the most admirable part about swimming is that it is a complete weight loss workout plan put into a single exercise. If you want to reduce the fat in your body, fight issues like cholesterol and heart disease, and turn your body into a lean flexible machine, swimming is your answer!





Why go for a weight loss workout plan when it could be so much more? This is exactly what you get when you opt for yoga, a wholesome exercise that makes your fit, not just physically but also mentally! Yoga has overtaken the whole workout scene across the globe in recent years and Western countries have started using yoga for weight loss actively. As a workout plan to lose weight, yoga seems to have an incredible amount of effect.


A research conducted by NCBI found out that women who performed 90-minute sessions of yoga twice a week had a major impact on their belly circumference. The difference found was an average of 1.5 inches as compared to the research’s control group of women.


The hype around yoga has developed into such a big phenomenon that if you walk into any gym right now you will most probably see them offering yoga classes as well.





If you like the idea of high-intensity interval training, you are going to love Tabata! You could say that Tabata is HIIT on steroids and a lack of time. While typical HIIT sessions last around 10 minutes, a Tabata session only lasts for 4 minutes! The name comes from Dr. Izumi Tabata who is a Japanese scientist at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports, Tokyo. The research that led to the formation of this weight loss exercise regimen had the same conclusions as that of HIIT. High intensity training for a short period of time has a bigger impact on metabolism than lengthy traditional workouts.


A typical workout involves 8 sets of exercise that comprise of 20-second exercise sessions with 10-second breaks. For an example, you could say you do each exercise you want to do for 4 minutes. You can also combine multiple exercises for a comprehensive workout. If you did 4 minutes each of push-ups, mountain climbers, burpees and squats, it would be a very thorough workout. There are endless combinations that you can find online and opt for something that works best for you.



Jumping Rope


One activity that is often not thought of as the best exercise for weight loss is jumping rope. You have been doing it all through your school days and those memories from your PE class are probably rushing back to you right now! Well, the simple and easy to carry rope does a great job when it comes to weight loss workout. The best thing about a jumping rope workout is that the level of intensity is entirely dependent on you. You can decide how easy or difficult you want to make your session and then do it accordingly.


Famous fitness YouTuber Adam Rosante has shared his routine for the jumping rope that is enough to get your heart racing and your body sweating properly. You start off with a 3-minute warm up which is followed by 100 regular jumps and then 100 sprint jumps. You can then repeat them both with fewer and fewer skips on each turn. An example of this can be 100/100, 50/50, 25/25 and then 10/10. If you think you can do more, try going back up in count until you reach 100 each again.





Want to make your workout a fun activity instead of just focusing on weight loss? Why not turn to dance instead! Zumba is a complete fat loss workout regimen that involves a lot of vigorous movement of your body with intense exercise routines. It is also one of the best ways to lose weight while dancing and a lot of people are getting into Zumba nowadays. According to Mayo Clinic, Zumba is the perfect activity for adults to get involved in as it is almost exactly the exercise that is recommended for adults to stay healthy and reduce health-related risks!


While you are busy burning loads of calories and find yourself completely breathless after a session, your internal energy will be at its peak! The upbeat nature of this “workout dance” makes it one of the best weight loss exercises that you can get into, and you definitely should!



Badminton is one of the best sports to lose weight. It is a great cardio workout that helps you burn calories quickly. Badminton helps improve your hand-eye coordination and agility. If you are looking for a fun and challenging way to lose weight, then consider playing badminton.

Hiking is another best sport to lose weight. It is a great workout for your entire body and helps you burn a lot of calories. Hiking also improves your cardiovascular health and strengthens your muscles.


What sport makes you lose weight the fastest

There is no one-sport-fits-all answer to this question, as the best sport to lose weight will vary depending on the person and their exercise routine. However, some sports that are particularly good for weight loss and burning calories are biking and running. On the other hand, hiking is a low impact exercise that can result in a surprising calorie burn. It is a great exercise with and without incline.


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Find your best exercise to lose weight

While all these are great options for you to choose from as the best exercise to loose weight it is important that you stay in moderation. No matter what your choice may be, make sure that you do not overwork yourself out of enthusiasm. It is far more important that you do a little exercise, but you do it regularly. The most important part of any weight loss workout plan is the ability to stick to it. Develop the habit of doing the exercise of your choice regularly and you will see lasting results real soon!


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