7 Ways to Exercise During a Busy Day at Work

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7 Ways to Exercise During a Busy Day at Work

7 Ways to Exercise During a Busy Day at Work
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Taking care of our health is extremely important if we are to lead a healthy and trouble-free life. This fact is reminded to us every single day when we look at the health news from around the world. However, the biggest hurdle for most grownups in doing regular exercise is the ability to find time to work out and maintain good health.


For most of us, it’s all about waking up, getting ready, taking kids to their schools, going to work, returning home tired, and then falling asleep. With all that stuff going on, finding time to exercise can really become a pain. However, there are quite a few different types of activities and regimens that you can take on along with your busy career and keep yourself active and healthy.



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Wake Up Earlier


Of all the things that we will suggest here, the most simple and straight forward solution is this. When you are aware of the fact that you are unable to take time out for your exercise during the day, the best way is to simply make time in the morning. Waking up an hour earlier is no big deal if you sleep on time at night. In fact, waking up early is very good for your health and it is also considered to be a good professional behavior trait.


Set your alarm as early as you can comfortably manage and then plan a workout that makes the most of your time without causing delays. It is also important that you prepare for mundane things last night like readying your workout clothes and equipment etc.



Start Going to Work on Foot


For some of us it is the bus, for others it is an Uber, and then there are those who have their own car. No matter what mode of transport you use, it is time that you are spending doing nothing except wait for your destination to arrive. If that is the case with you and your workplace is not too far, it is time you gave your legs a run for their money! Start commuting to the office on foot every day to burn calories. There are millions of people out there who are already doing this, a lot of them walking 5-6 miles even, on a daily basis!


A great way of doing this is to find a gym that is close to your office and get a membership there. You can keep change of clothes there is a locker and jog or run to the office, changing into fresh clothes when you reach there. If you can manage, go directly to the gym after office and put in a small workout session as well.



More Stairs


One of the quickest ways of getting a decent workout is by using stairs. Going up and down the stairs multiple times during the day can alone give you quite a good calorie burn. If your workplace has stairs, use them during the day as much as possible. Even if you have your office on the ground floor, go up anyway. You could maybe find a restroom facility upstairs where you can go to or find any other reason to go up and down frequently.



Stay Active with the Kids


If you have kids and you take them to the playground often then this can be a great way for you to get some activity done. You could either go for a jog around the park’s perimeter or if it is a shared area with equipment for adults then you can do a workout as well. it will not only keep you going on an active routine but will also be a great way to motivate your children to stay active and healthy.


You can also take one step further and exercise with your children directly through sports. Say you all play football or maybe go around the hockey rink, you can not only get yourself a good exercise session but also bond with them!



Lunch Break Exercise


Most of us have a complete hour for our lunch breaks and if we want we can utilize that time efficiently. If you have a gym close to your office then you can quickly go there and get your exercise session done with. You can then use the change of clothes you put there to come back to work refreshed. One big benefit of working out during lunch break is that it brings back the energy you have lost till that time of the day and help you spend the remaining half being just as active and revitalized.


Find a Way to Multitask

A lot of people are very good at multitasking and often try to work and exercise at the same time. If you think you can do that and your work allows it, you can certainly give that a try. Have your laptop or tablet set on the treadmill and do whatever you were working on while you run for a few miles.


Once you have set a routine, you can start planning complete workout sessions as well. Try doing things like grabbing light dumb bells and doing triceps extensions, bicep curls, shoulder presses and other weight training that you can manage while on the treadmill. It is important that you do not keep the speed anywhere above a brisk walking pace or things might get a bit difficult to manage.




Grab Every Moment


If we look at our routine thoroughly, we will find a lot of small pockets of time where we end up sitting or standing around doing nothing. Whether it is waiting for your microwave to stop warming food, awaiting the arrival of your bus, standing in a waiting line or any other situation. All these places can be great for sneaking in small exercises like toe races, lunges or squats.


You should not feel embarrassed about doing it in any location as your health is a lot more important than what “others might think”. The commitment you make is to yourself and you are the only one who can come through so grab every opportunity you can!


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