GDPR - Nutiro

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Here at Nutiro we recognize the importance of your privacy and the rights and obligations under the EU legislation, the famous GDPR. We don’t just want to tell you what we do with your information; we want you to actually understand how and why we process data and what you can do about it. We tried to explain things in laymen’s terms whenever there was an actual need to use overly legal terminology, but if at any point in time you are not sure about how we handle your information please do not hesitate to reach us at

We carefully assessed our data processing practices and accompanied risks to ensure that we address and minimize any risk that may be caused by our processing of information. We reviewed and analyzed our processes, recognized the risks and applied solutions to reduce such risks as far as possible, and although we couldn’t remove the risks altogether we made sure that the chances of their occurrence are reduced to the bare minimum. We managed this by introducing an obligatory code of conduct, security measures, rules for transfer of information, and policies for handling the information.

We use third-party service providers for some of our services and we have detailed Data Processing Agreements with all of them prior to giving them any information.

We implemented security measure for both “offline” and digital behavior. We made sure that employees know not to leave information unprotected and not to expose or create any vulnerability in the systems.

You can review our Privacy Policy here and our Cookie Policy here.