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How To Lose Face Fat From Your Custom Meal Planner

How To Lose Face Fat From Your Custom Meal Planner
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Written by

Sarah Baker

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1. Stay Hydrated


Drinking water is essential for maintaining every aspect of our health and well-being.  Staying hydrated and knowing what to eat to lose face fat is very important.  Research suggests that staying hydrated helps you feel full longer, and drinking with meals reduces your caloric intake because you’re not inclined to eat as much.  It also gives your metabolism a quick boost.  There’s also reason to believe that staying hydrated can decrease fluid retention, causing you to look and feel less bloated or puffy.  Since we’re also prone to confusing thirst for hunger, grab a glass before a snack and see if that takes the edge off.  Otherwise you may not only deprive yourself of hydration, you overeat as well.



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2. Watch Your Sodium


A surefire sign of excessive sodium consumption is bloating and puffiness.  While you may feel it more in your abdomen, it’s going to be more noticeable in your face.   A diet that’s high in sodium, much like poor hydration, is going to result in fluid retention.  This is easy to do when working with a meal planner, since approximately 77% of sodium in the average diet comes from processed foods.  When you’re planning out your week, make sure you’re penciling in meals that have healthy levels of sodium.






3. Cut Back on Refined Carbs


Refined carbs are low in fiber, meaning they digest very quickly.  They can lead to erratic blood sugar levels, cravings, triggering your body to store fat, as well as binge eating.  A lot of excess fat storage can be attributed to refined carbs.  Less white bread, white rice, soda, pastries, and foods with added sugars will bring you one step closer to a slimmer face.



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4. Shift Your Focus


If you’re thinking only about how to lose face fat then you’ll start making lifestyle and diet changes that can lead to weight loss.  But you may end up losing more weight than you actually need to, and can inadvertently cause other health concerns as a result.  Instead of saying ‘I want my face to look thinner’, say ‘I’m going to eat healthier’.  By introducing more leafy greens into your diet, penciling in appropriate portion sizes with your meal planner, and getting in some exercise everyday, you can slowly reduce the excess weight in your face without going overboard.  You’ll also have more energy, sleep better, and improve your mood as a result.  When the goal is a specific thing that you hone in on, you overlook ways to improve your health as a whole.



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