How to Lose Face Fat With These Easy Tips

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How to Lose Face Fat With These Easy Tips

How to Lose Face Fat With These Easy Tips
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When it comes to losing weight, any part of your body would cause equal challenge and therefore, your face is no different either. With the proper meal planning routine and effort, you should be able to lose face fat effectively. There are many ways that one can go about this process but the process you choose must be the most effective while causing the least amount of stress. Thinking about it alone can make a person feel frustrated so it is better to focus on taking action and eliminating the fat face look from your body.


There are many ways through which you can tone your face and lose fat easily. All you need to do is make the effort required and the results will certainly be worth it. We are sharing some of the most effective techniques used on how to lose weight in your face. All of them are easy to do and you can easily incorporate them in your daily routine.


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What is facial fat?

Facial fat is the layer of subcutaneous adipose tissue that lies below the skin and above the muscle on the face. Its primary purpose is to insulate the body and protect it from cold weather.


What causes facial fat?

The most common causes of facial fat are genetics and aging. As we get older, our skin loses elasticity and begins to sag, which can give the appearance of more fat in your face and cause excess fat to accumulate around the face. Other causes of facial fat can include:

-Excessive alcohol intake


-Poor diet

Weight gain, excess fat, fluid retention, and body fat can all impact the amount of facial fat a person has. Excess weight gain can cause the fat to accumulate around the face, while excess body fat can lead to an increase in the size of the chin and neck. Fluid retention can also cause the face to swell, leading to a fuller appearance.


How can I get rid of facial fat?

There are a number of ways to reduce facial fat, including:

-Exercise: Facial exercises can help to tone the muscles around the face and neck, which can give the appearance of a slimmer face.

-Diet: Eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight can help to reduce the amount of fat around the face.

-Skincare: Using products that contain retinol or other ingredients that help to boost collagen production can help to improve the appearance of skin.

-Cosmetic procedures: There are a number of cosmetic procedures that can help to improve the appearance of facial fat, including liposuction, dermal fillers, and laser skin resurfacing.


Facial Exercises


For any part of your body, in order to lose fat, you have to exercise that body part. Same is the case for your face as well which also benefits from doing certain facial exercises. It is time we took you to secrets of how to lose face fat that have been hidden from you since forever! Research has shown that exercising your face muscles can lead to a very visible improvement in your facial appearance. Here are a few ways of adding facial exercises:


  • Eyes and Cheeks: This exercise focuses on making the skin around your eyes firm and give your cheeks a plump look. To do it, you begin by putting two fingers on the top part of your cheeks. In position, your index finger should be just below the eyes, your middle finger resting on the top of cheekbones and the rest of your fingers just below it. The major pressure will come from the top two fingers. Begin by holding the muscles in their position under your fingers. Now squint both eyes and at the same time, pushing the cheek muscles upwards at the same time. You should be looking like someone making a sour face but squeezed. Hold this position while counting till five and then relieve the pressure. Repeat this exercise up to five times.


  • Jawline Defined: This requires you to provide resistance against your chin by placing your hands in a crossed position, making a flat fist platform. Lift your tongue and have it placed against the roof of your mouth while your lips remain shut. At the same time push your chin downward towards your chest. Now count till five and repeat this exercise at least five times. On the last time add an additional five seconds to the turn as well. Once the set is complete, repeat this exercise but this time with your mount staying open. For each position do three sets, performing each position alternatively.



  • Full Face Tone: This exercise requires you to assume the same position with your hands i.e. a flat resistance platform for you to against. Once the position has been assumed, squeeze all the muscles tightly on your face, including those of your lips. At the same time, push downward with your chin to create resistance. Do it for five seconds for a maximum of five times. After each set, switch the pressure of the muscles completely, all the muscles pushed wide open while the chin is raised upward this time. Do alternative sets for both positions, three times each.


These exercises will prove very useful in losing face fat and you will no longer need to go to dermatologists and such for fixing your fat face or worrying about how to reduce face fat by using cosmetic solutions.


Do Regular Cardio


Let’s face it, the accumulation of fat on our bodies is almost always completely uniform. If you have a visible amount of fat on your face, there is a fair chance that the rest of your body is also fat. Tackling this situation means you need to work on the overall fat content in your body. Cardio such as aerobic exercise has been a long tried and tested method of losing fat, be it from your fat face or any other part of the body. The effects of cardio exercise such as resistance training and aerobics can have a significant impact on the overall fat content in your body.


In order to understand how to get rid of face fat, you should keep aerobics and other cardio routines in your face fat loss regimen. If you find yourself short on time then you can also opt for a more rigorous but short routine like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which makes your body go through several exercises quickly to make it burn fat. These exercises can get you going and all you need to do them is 10 minutes of your time, a wall and a chair! Yes, it really is that simple if you want to save time due to your busy routine.


Sufficient Water Every Day

Given the direct relationship between face fat and the overall fat content in your body, it is only logical that you do everything you can to reduce the overall fat content of your body. Among such steps is also the option to drink more water. This may sound like the easiest thing to do but we ignore water every day, causing a gain in appetite which in turn leads to increase in both the body fat and development of fat face.


Water is one of the most effective drink when it comes to losing the dreaded fat face easily. Water is especially capable of reducing our appetite which in turn helps with weight loss. A study showed that drinking about half a liter of water can lead to an immediate increase in your metabolism rate. The increase it causes is quite massive, up to 30% at max which is quire incredible!

At least make yourself drink the standard 64-ounce limit of water per day. You can break down your water intake by dividing it into eight equal glasses of water, each one being eight ounce in quantity. The results will show as you begin to lose face fat, slowly but steadily, along with the rest of your body fat.


Water is also very beneficial for the skin as it hydrates it thoroughly. After all, we are all 70% made out of water itself so staying hydrated by drinking water is an important responsibility for us.


Improve Your Sleeping Schedule


Sleep is one of the most important parts of our life and it is considered to be of prime value when it comes to maintaining our bodies. No matter where you ask how to lose cheek fat or how to get rid of chubby cheeks, you will always see one thing in the answer to those questions; improve your sleep.


Not having enough sleep can cause a lot of different problems including the gathering of fat on your face. If you want to lose face fat in an effective manner, ensure that you are getting sufficient sleep. Lack of sleep has an effect on your health in a lot of different ways but the very first impact of sleep deprivation is seen on your face. With baggy eyes and a lack of energy, you are pushing yourselves towards weight gain instead of weight loss.


Make sure you get enough sleep, at least the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. Fixing the problem will not only allow you to lose weight in your face but also reenergize your body for your daily routine. The freshness you will end up feeling will also be very noticeable, and the impact will reach your face as well.

Even without asking how to lose face fat, everyone should focus on fixing their sleep schedule immediately since it is crucial to our overall health as well.


Watch your sodium intake

When we each too much salt, it causes our body to retain water which leads to you having a bloated feeling. This feeling can be felt equally on your face as well in the form of swelling and puffy. Fluid retention is very important for the body and to make sure you do not hold more than you need to, you have to cut all excess salt from your routine. The result of doing that will certainly be a positive impact on your efforts to lose facial fat!

In order to make sure your salt intake is limited, you have to make sure that you avoid processed foods completely. This alone will result in an incredible improvement since research has found processed foods to be responsible for feeding us 77% of our overall sodium intake. Cutting down on these foods is not that hard either since all you need is the will power to address your problem on how to lose face fat.


Do keep in mind however, that not all salt intake needs to be avoided. This refers primarily to the salt we use every day for all our needs, with a high quantity of sodium in it. This can be cut down easily with a little bit of effort and help you on how to lose cheek fat effectively.


Little Things Make Big Difference


All the things defined above are more than sufficient for losing fat on your face. However, you can take it a step further as well by taking care of small things that can end up a big difference in your visual appeal. Try doing the following things to help get rid of fat face and bring out a much more toned and visually appealing persona.


  • SMILE: Smiling is a very beautiful thing that can make a person look younger significantly without any other aid. However, by making it a habit for yourself to smile repeatedly, on purpose, throughout your day will help you feel young as well. This can be very crucial when you could possibly be busy doing things that make you grow old faster.


  • Skin Cleansing: who doesn’t love to pamper themselves? And while you may be looking forward to a full spa treatment, you require a lot less to make yourself look younger and free from having a fat face. All you need to do is regularly use a skin cleanser and moisturizing cream that you apply all across your face daily. Do this for a couple of weeks and you will see the difference like night and day.


  • Opt for natural look makeup: it is very common for women to not deal with the question on how to lose face fat and focus instead on making artificial improvements to their looks. They use heavy makeup to create artificial cuts on the face to make it look thinner. The simple solution to this specific case is to cut off most of your makeup and focus instead on achieving the best natural look possible. The lesser makeup will make your skin less soft and therefore not feel saggy.


  • Eat fish that contain oils: among the many foods that can be beneficial to you, the types of fish that re rich in oils are very good for your face too! The oils from fish such as salmon are very good at retaining muscle tone and even enhance it, thanks to dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). DMAE is an element found in the most expensive creams and balms and that alone is testimony to its power.

Final Word

The list is very much exhaustive and going through all the items would take a lot of time. However, you can be sure that simply by following the steps defined here, you should be able to lose face fat effectively. And the next step after that would naturally be to guide others as well so they can benefit equally.  Read our Ultimate Guide on How To Meal Plan

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