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How To Lose Face Fat – Part 2

How To Lose Face Fat – Part 2
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Written by

Sarah Baker

Nutritionist @Nutiro

We’ve already shared a few good tips on how to lose face fat.  But with such a wealth of information out there, we knew we had to bring you more tips and tricks to help you in your weight loss journey!





1. Catch Some Zzzs

Everyone knows that proper rest is essential for staying healthy.  The numerous effects it actually has on our body is astounding.  But that means there are just as many downsides for not getting enough sleep, some of which could contribute to face fat.  When you aren’t sleeping enough both your stress levels and your appetite are shown to go up.  Sure, a little snacking now and then is harmless (maybe?), but sleep deprivation also slows your metabolism down.



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2. Ditch the Drinks



Alcohol consumption can lead to face fat in a multitude of ways.  For example, it leads to dehydration.  And what was the first tip in the first How to Lose Face Fat?  Staying hydrated.  Not to mention alcohol is full of empty calories that have zero nutritional value.  Heavy drinking and binge drinking in particular can lead to some serious weight gain, or make it harder to lose weight.  Look for safer alternatives like sparkling water or club soda.






3. Get Your Cardio On



Cardio exercises are a tried-and-true way to get in shape.  In fact, it’s actually better than other types of exercises if you’re trying to lose weight.  And while cardio exercises may not be directly responsible for how to lose face fat, any type of weight loss will help reduce it.  The reason is because when you lose weight you don’t do so in only one part of the body, even if the exercises you do are intended for one area (like your thighs or your core).  There’s a bad joke about something’s loss being something else’s gain in there somewhere…



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4. Work Those Cheeks



We were often told as kids that being grumpy was worse than being cheerful because it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  First of all, it’s not that black and white.  There are many muscles in your face, and depending on how you smile some may be used more than others.  Second, using your facial muscles takes very little energy regardless of your facial expression, and it definitely won’t tire you out.  This means facial exercises are an easy thing to work into your daily routine.  While the science isn’t sound on how effective they are for losing face fat, they can improve muscle tone.  And you lose nothing by giving it a shot!



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