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The Best Exercise To Lose Weight At Home

The Best Exercise To Lose Weight At Home
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Sarah Baker

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And by ‘lose weight at home’ we don’t mean spend heinous amounts of money on fancy exercise equipment you’re rarely going to use.  There are many different simple exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home to help you achieve your weight loss goals.  But is there a best exercise to lose weight at home?  Let’s find out.






Getting Started


First, there are a few things you need to do.  Turn off your phone and minimize other distractions if you can help it.  Get a little music going to help drown out the rest of the world and get pumped.  Work out with a friend if it helps keep you focused and motivated.  Second, know that these exercises aren’t particularly intense.  Even if you’re out of shape you won’t find yourself gasping for air only a few minutes into your new routine.




The Exercises


There are the different moves we all learned in gym class as kids like the bridge, tricep push-ups, walking lunge, and squats.  They’re straightforward and involve very few steps.


Then there are yoga poses such as downward dog and the single balance leg stick.  These poses can be done by beginners and pros alike as they’re easy to learn, not to mention you can build off of them for more complex poses in the future.


Side plank hip drops, skater leaps, and the superman back extension may take some getting used to.  But once you’ve got them down you’ll feel ready to take on more intense exercises.






One Day at a Time

So what kind of exercise is the best exercise to lose weight at home?  The simple answer is any and all of them, really.  OK, that’s pretty vague, so let me elaborate.  Choosing exercises that mimic your everyday movements use the most energy and tap into more muscle groups than exercises that don’t follow your daily patterns.  It teaches your body how to move as a whole, not to mention the repetition is great for making a habit out of it.  You might not be able to get in your workout routine everyday, but if your routine is similar to the things you’re already doing then you’re technically still doing a lighter version of it as you go about your day.  So pay attention to your normal routines and see what muscles they use.  Very few people enjoy lifting a laundry basket, carrying in groceries, washing dishes, and vacuuming, but these mundane tasks are what will get you on the path to a slimmer body.




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