The Truth Behind Drinking More Water to Lose Weight

Lose Weight

The Truth Behind Drinking More Water to Lose Weight

The Truth Behind Drinking More Water to Lose Weight
sarah baker

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Sarah Baker

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There is an incredible amount of research published regarding the benefits of water for the human body. Aside from the fact that we simply can’t even survive without water, it is also a beverage that holds the key to effective weight loss, or does it? If you are wondering how to lose weight drinking water, you have come to the right place. We are going to take a complete trip on all the benefits that water provides for weight loss and the ways you can use it to lose weight.




Appetite Suppression


Let us start with the most obvious property that water has. When it comes to drinking water to lose weight, the science is quite simple and straight forward. Our brains rely on signals set by our stomach to determine how long a person needs to keep eating to fill their stomachs. When a stomach gets full, it tells the brain and that in turn goes forth as a signal for the person to stop eating. Water is great for sending that signal without consuming any calories.


It is highly recommended that you drink a couple of glasses of water at the beginning of your meal to fill up your belly. The result of this will be that your belly will have a lot less space for food and will, therefore, eat less before feeling full. A lot of people highly recommend this step for speedy dieting as well. This usually includes plans like drinking water to lose weight in a week. However, the benefits of this have been recorded in several different studies which all showed the same results.


One particular study showed a whole group of overweight women who drank half a liter of water before every meal, three times a day. That means they drank before breakfast, lunch and dinner and the result was a noticeable decrease in their weights, BMI, percentage of body fat and also the level of appetite each of them had. It also proves that drinking a gallon of water to lose weight is not necessary and you can achieve your goals with just 1.5 liters of water a day.


Increased Calorie Burning


Of all the ways you could imagine for your body to burn calories, drinking water sounds like the most doable of all does it not? The fact of the matter is, water does, in fact, have the ability to increase your metabolism. Drinking water to lose weight causes your body to bring an increment in your resting state metabolism rate.


There is a lot of good news for people who are wondering how to lose weight by drinking water. Multiple studies have been conducted to determine the number of calories your body burns with and without consuming water. A study conducted in 2014 showed that 12 people who were asked to consume 500 mL of water, both at room temperature and refrigerated/cold. After 90 minutes of consuming the water, the metabolism rate showed an increment of around 3% in their rates.


The effect of drinking cold water is also bigger than room temperature water. The simple reason for that is our body’s design which has to make things comfortable for digestion. Therefore, it has to raise the temperature of the water inside the temperature and that requires calories.




Removal of Waste from our Body


While you may only be focusing on finding drinking water to lose weight success stories, it is also important that you realize the importance of water for your body. One of the key aspects in weight loss is to keep your digestive system running smoothly. Whether or not you are drinking water to lose weight, you should consume it regardless of that just to keep your digestion active. The fact of the matter is, it is impossible for your body to remove the waste it produces through feces and urine without the help of water. It is responsible for softening the waste material in the large intestine to pass through the body and also provide a medium for kidneys to remove urea from the body.


When facing problems like diarrhea or indigestion, consuming maximum water is quite essential. In some cases, the dehydration is so much that it is absolutely necessary to drink maximum water. Not doing so could actually lead to death as well!


As far as weight loss is concerned, water helps your body rid itself from digestive waste and bloated feeling which is also a key factor in terms of weight loss. Waste material inside the body and bloated stomach can lead to a noticeably bigger waist. Often times this difference can be multiple inches!



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Reduction in your overall consumption


The simple fact is, your ability to lose weight depends on whether or not you can burn more calories than you consume. While a lot of us focus on the foods we EAT, there is very little concern about what we DRINK in our daily routines. There are a lot of beverages that have sugars in them which may be contributing significantly to your daily calorie intake without you even knowing. Each of us has our own preferences in terms of what we want to drink on a daily basis. For some it is coffee, others prefer tea and some even prefer alcoholic beverages.


The target here is to replace whatever high calorie drinks you may be consuming with drinking only water to lose weight! Of course, we do not mean that you also replace other zero calories beverages like herbal teas which in fact also carry benefits that aid in weight loss.


The effectiveness of replacing beverages with water is so incredible that a study actually showed that simply replacing one regular beverage in your routine with water or low-calorie drinks made a difference about half kg in terms of weight gain over 4 years as compared to people who did not make that change. Such a minute step led to such a noticeable difference. Imagine what you can do if you replace those drinks completely!


Essential for burning fat


Apart from its ability to aid in weight loss, water is actually an essential part of metabolism when it comes to burning fats and carbs. What that means is you are actually bound to consume water in sufficient amount anyway, just to make sure your body keeps providing you with energy for daily functions. The process of burning fat is actually known as lipolysis. While the task of breaking down any stored food into energy is given to enzymes, they cannot do their duty without the availability of water. The breakdown process is also actually called hydrolysis which makes drinking water to lose weight sound highly appealing.


Our body is an incredible machine and oftentimes, when we want to lose weight, it aids us in every way it can! So when you are drinking water to lose weight in a week even, your body answers your call by providing extra lipolysis. Simply by increasing your level of hydration, a review found that the body can increase the lipolysis activity and lead to a loss of fat in the body.


Nature’s lubricant for workouts


In a way, you could say that your body is like a machine when it comes to workouts. All its biomechanical parts move in tandem when you are running, cycling, swimming, lifting weights or doing any other physical activity. This activity would naturally be essential when you are trying to lose weight. This is because whether you are drinking water to lose weight or going about any other dietary change, exercise is an absolute must! To ensure that you burn the number of calories you are supposed to, it is important to do regular workouts.


Water is a key element when it comes to aiding muscles, joints and tissues in moving smoothly and correctly. The reason you feel your mouth going dry after even a small amount of exercise is because all your body parts are consuming water to provide you with the activity you are demanding. It is therefore essential that you stay hydrated during workouts. This will help you push back hindrances like fatigue and muscle cramps and ensure a productive workout session.


Go further with detox water


It would not be a surprise if you are committing to drinking a gallon of water a day to lose weight by now but it does not necessarily have to be all bland. A new successful way discovered how to lose weight by drinking water is to opt for detox drinks. Detox, short for detoxification, is when you consume fruits and vegetables in a way that they lead to the elimination of toxic materials from your body. Toxins are like viruses affecting your system and you would be surprised how much they can affect your body’s fuel-burning efficiency.


Detox diets are not only easy but so much fun too. The recipes you can do by mixing and matching different ingredients are practically endless and you can easily figure out the ones you like the most. Detox water is made by leaving certain ingredients in water for at least a few hours so that their nutrients and other properties are absorbed into the water. You make a whole jug and then consume it during the day to meet your requirements.


As far as the question of how much water should I be drinking to lose weight is concerned, you should follow the traditional calculation which dictates that you consume at least 64 ounces of water during the day. You can go about it by using the 8×8 formula, i.e. you should drink eight, 8 ounce glasses of water during the day. You could even go further and start drinking 100 Oz of water a day to lose weight further but that is dependent entirely on your own ability to drink. One thing is for sure though; if you drink large quantities of water, detox or otherwise, you are sure to need a lot of bathroom breaks. So, make sure that you are situated in a location that has one close by.


Observe a Water Fast


Say you are planning on drinking water to lose weight in a week, then the best thing for you to do is go on a water fast. What this essentially means is that you are drinking only water to lose weight and not eating anything at all. Before you go about starting this particular diet, it is necessary that you understand the level of commitment this requires. The only way for a water fast helps people create drinking water to lose weight success stories is if they are able to stick to it religiously. If you get tempted easily then this may not be for you.


However, if you feel like you can be tough on yourself then this can certainly help you to lose weight quickly. Typical water fasting usually lasts for about only a few days max. You cannot do it long term as your body will eventually need to take in actual nutrients to make up for losses.


The best way to start is by taking a pre-fasting week where you slowly reduce the calories that you are consuming every day. Start eating light and reduce it gradually. When you feel that you are ready, start off with 24 hours of fasting. During this period, you should be only drinking water to lose weight and not consuming any food. If at the end of the day you feel like you can continue, go ahead by all means.


During the day, make sure you are not working out or putting your body through any physical stress. This can cause a sharp drop in your energy level and you will not be able to eat for recovery. That could lead to sickness and other problems too. If during the day you feel like your energy is getting really low then try to make up for it by drinking green tea or soda water. These drinks can provide some energy but while keeping calorie intake minimum.

Do not stress yourself

Remember, whatever method you use when it comes to drinking water to lose weight, always do things in moderation. Pushing yourself too much almost always results in a rebound. We wish you luck and hope you also lose weight from your water consumption!



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