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How to Meal Plan Using Pea Protein

How to Meal Plan Using Pea Protein
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It’s a slight misconception that it’s difficult for vegans and vegetarians to get protein into their diets, as it’s often (erroneously) associated exclusively with meat.  However there are other animal by-products that some vegetarians can still enjoy, such as eggs, while other vegetarians and vegans have plenty of plant based options.  But if you’re always on the go you might not have time to enjoy a warm bowl of split pea soup.  That’s where pea protein powder comes in.



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1. Refreshing Drinks



The easiest and quickest way to work pea protein into your meal plan isn’t to eat it, but drink it.  While not particularly flavorful it’s much less gritty than other protein powders and has an overall better consistency.  It can easily be mixed with almond milk or coconut milk, and with some fruit and almond butter it can make a delicious shake.



2. Essential Amino Acids



There are twenty amino acids in total but only nine are considered essential, meaning your body can’t produce them naturally.  The only way to receive them is through food.  And fortunately pea protein happens to have all nine of them.  The reason this matters so much is because the nine essentials are all needed in a balanced diet to actually work; too few of one or more, and you miss out on major health benefits.  It’s fairly low in methionine however, but this can be compensated by adding brown rice to your diet.



3. No Bake Protein Bars



No bake desserts are amazing for two reasons- they’re often healthy alternatives to popular desserts, and they’re quick to make.  If you’re not sure how to meal plan while still satisfying your sweet teeth, no bake protein bars are so easy to make you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason not to.  With a handful of ingredients and hardly any prep time involved, these are a great addition to any meal plan.



4. Works With Any Diet



Pea powder is also an excellent source of protein because any meal planner can use it.  It has no gluten and it isn’t a dairy product.  It’s also free of common allergens like tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, and wheat.  The only people who shouldn’t eat pea protein are those with a pea allergy.



5. Weight Loss Benefits



To be clear, pea protein itself doesn’t help you lose weight.  But protein can help you feel fuller longer than carbs or fat.  This means less impulse snacking and smaller portions at meal time.  If you’re on a special diet and trying to lose weight, working pea powder into your meal plan will help you reach your weight goals in no time.



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